Neo Bank App

Alongside Zenziya’s Team, we defined the app’s user experience, designed the Interface and created the animations and interactions that go along.

Project Overview

Zenziya is a LatAm fintech based in Costa Rica that started as an online personal loan company. Thanks to their algorithm based on artificial intelligence, they are able to approve your loan in less than a minute. In the path to expand its services, they approached us to get involved in the task of designing an iOS and Android App customer experience and User Interface.

The Challenge

Zenziya’s user experience needed to be designed so that any person, regardless of age, will be able to use the full functionality. We created the interface to be modern and minimalist, which makes interaction with the application as pleasant as possible. The rich functionality of Zenziya’s App allows allows users to not only make transfers and check balances, but also pay services, ask for loans and connect with other digital wallets, among other features.

An Intuitive Experience

From account balances to loans and all the way to payments made, this project involved creating a broad range of solutions for an even broader range of users.

Custom Animations

We designed and animated empty states screens for the app. Keeping in mind the broad range of functionalities, over 50 animations and interactions can be found throughout the journey, making it more friendly for users.

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