Sneakers Reservation Landing Page

We developed a reservation landing page for users to reserve their favorite sneakers ahead of launch.
Also, we designed and coded a verification platform for store employees to validate reservations at pick-up.

Project Overview

The Adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted connection with sports. Its broad and diverse portfolio in both the Sport Performance and Sport Inspired categories ranges from major global sports to regional grassroot events and local sneaker culture. This has enabled Adidas to transcend demographics and become one of the most recognized, credible, and iconic brands both on and off the field.

The Challenge

Adidas approached us looking for a digital experience that shifts users from the online to the offline world.
We developed a landing page were users can book their sneakers in advance, and then and then pick up their selections in stores. We also developed a web-based platform, so Adidas Stores employees could validate the unique coupons at pick-up.

Validating the Coupon

Validating the coupon was a key element of the journey.
We developed a user-friendly, web-based platform for Adidas Stores employees where they can enter the code we gave to the users and check the status of each unique code.

Stock updates in real time

Our landing page was connected to the available inventory in Adidas stores, ensuring users were only purchasing models and sizes that were currently in stock.

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